Video 1b Course Tools

Pre-production Paperwork


• Folder Cover Sheet: Journalism (.doc OR .pdf)

• Folder Cover Sheet: Narrative (.doc OR .pdf)

• Pitch: Journalism (.doc OR .pdf)

• Pitch: Narrative (.doc OR .pdf)

• Story Planning: Journalism (.doc OR .pdf)

• Story Planning: Narrative (.doc OR .pdf)

• Scene Map: Journalism (.doc OR .pdf)

• Scene Map: Narrative (.doc OR .pdf)

• Storyboard (.doc OR .pdf)

• Storyboard Arrows (.pdf)

• Storyboard Cutouts (.pdf)

• Light Plot (.pdf)

• Pre-prod. Rubric: Journalism (.doc OR .pdf)

• Pre-prod. Rubric: Narrative (.doc OR .pdf)

Downloadable Course Documents

• Equipment Checkout Form (.doc OR .pdf)

• Learner Power Permission Sheet (.doc OR .pdf)

• Unit 7 Shooting Guide PDF (Small for Screens)

• Unit 7 Shooting Guide PDF (HQ for Print)

• VID1b Studio Skills Rubric (.doc or .pdf)

Quick References

• Project Idea Generator (u11a2)

• Finding Legal Music (u10c7)

• Citing Music in Credits (u13d5)


Production Paperwork


• A/V Relsease Form (.doc or .pdf)

• Private Location Permission (.doc OR .pdf)

• Equipment Checkout Form (.doc OR .pdf)



How To Guides

• Coil an XLR cable

• Quick 3 point light reference

• Using diffusers in the field

• Green screen setup

• Dollying a camera

• Panning a camera

• Trucking a camera

• Tilting a camera

• Pedastaling a camera



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VID1b is the second semester of a year-long class called "Video 1." This website includes all the tutorials, knowledge checks, tests, handouts, and rubrics you will need. Thousands of students use this site every day to learn video production. You can purchase licenses on our store or contact Pasha Souvorin to discuss licenses.


This learner Power Video Production curriculum is tightly aligned to national standards such as the SkiillsUSA Blueprint, ISTE NETS, NOCTI Television Production, and the Adobe Digital Video Curriculum. It is also aligned with Georgia's High School Video Pathway Curriculum and Gwinnett County's AKS for video production. The video tutorials in this website are copyright Pasha Souvorin 2016.